Wide Awake. Every Day.

“This is Starla’s gift to the world, her hope played out, page after page,
that we’ll all stop for a bit in this harried life to see, to feel, to love, to know…”
~ Beth Kephart: Novelist, Essayist, Memoirist

 Wide Awake. Every Day.  365 days of real-life inspiration for conscious living.

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Wide Awake. Every Day. by Starla J. King

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  • Delectable vignettes and observations from Starla’s own life
  • Gentle, do-able action steps for increasing awareness (the foundation of creative inspiration and insight)
  • Summary quotes for on-the-go food for thought.
  • Insights informed by secular and spiritual practices, both East and West
  • Religious? No.  Spiritual? Yes.

Click here for sample pages (pdf)

“Each page offers us a haven for reflection and ripening, a refuge where you can see and hear yourself clearly – that precious nook where creativity is born.”
Ushi Patel: Poet, Designer, Entrepreneur

“This is [Starla’s] gift to the world, her hope played out, page after page, that we’ll all stop for a bit in this harried life to see, to feel, to love, to know, to hold a cat in our arms as we watch the birds. Infused with personal stories, gently nudging us toward a more fulfilling state of being, this lovely book is organized in day by day fashion. A calendar of positive possibilities.” [See full review HERE]
~ Beth Kephart: Novelist/Essayist/Memoirist

“The inherent power in Starla’s creative mastery teaches us to extract the profound from each present moment.”
~ Nancy J. Duncan: Professional Business & Life Coach, Physical Trainer

“Finally! Something really fresh and sincere in the sea of inspirational books. Starla gives us tangible ways to positively impact our world by growing our own deep and tenderhearted awareness.”
~ Dr. Tererai Trent: Humanitarian, Scholar, Motivator, Oprah’s All-time Favorite Guest

“I really loved this author’s voice. From A Darkness So Soft and Fill Your Well to In Search of Patience, these daily doses of meditative reflections offer sensory/sensitive feedback persuasive to healing and wholeness. For instance, Like Royalty offers a fully descriptive picture of a bicyclist whose passenger, a physically challenged girl, is seated in a cart “built like a Nativity scene” (page 10). There is nothing that is not arresting about this snippet, and the author’s quick summation is that the girl is as happy as a princess, and that we all deserve to be treated like royalty. I liked King’s desire for her readers to be alert and excited by the life around them, like cats or birds in Nose Prints on the Window.

The formatting is very interesting, alternating between justified and centered. That in itself is a message to the reader. I liked that each day of the year has three reflections. The first is a quote, usually of the author, followed by a prose contemplation of about a paragraph’s length on every subject that might cross a person’s day or mind. The last is always titled Bring it to Life! It offers a suggestion or question that will resonate with readers, and sometimes work as catharsis. King makes very useful suggestions.”
~ Judge: 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

“The city of Philadelphia should be honoring Starla King for observing its streets and people each day with love and infusing them with peaceful, life-giving energy.”
~ Ros Nelson: Graphic Designer, Artist, Poet, Publisher

“Wide Awake Every Day is one of the most beautifully written and thought provoking books I have ever read. The author’s words are heart warming, inspirational and gently challenging at the same time…”
~ Marybeth Gregg: Owner and Founder of the International Center for Women LLC

“…First thing in the morning, I take a few minutes to read this book and meditate. It frames my entire day.”
~ Emily McMason: Personal & Parent Coach

 Find yourself  in a whole new way…
Wide Awake. Every Day.

buy Wide Awake. Every Day. on Amazon.com