What if it’s just an excuse?

by Starla J. King on March 6, 2015

What if it’s just an excuse, this writing thing?

What if it’s just an excuse to live softly, senses-first, engaged foremost in the itty-est bitty-est details of the space around — and within — me?

What if what I really want is the freedom to live against the grain, and “I’m a writer” is more about what I take in than what I write out?

What if my greatest accomplishment isn’t the book that comes out next, but the way I need to live (intentionally, exuberantly, quietly, gently, bravely, “don’t f*ck with my purpose”-ly) in order to create the book?

What if — dare I admit it? — I’m more committed to a daily living practice than a daily writing practice?

What if

oh dear God, this is the stuff of (my) nightmares, 

what if

my dream of being a writer is more about living, about loving, than about <whisper> putting words to paper?

Then so be it.

Because a thing that nudges me, pulls me, drags me, teases me to the richer reaches of living?  I’ll take that excuse any day.

And chances are, I’ll write about it.


fire and ice

Fire and Ice


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