Your Wide Awake Moment(s)

A “wide awake” moment: a moment that pulls your attention more than usual: a sudden insight; visual beauty that takes your breath away; a realization that shifts something for you; an exquisite sensory experience… anything that gives you a feeling, a glimpse, of for that moment being somehow more alive.  

I’ve had the joy of sharing many (365, to be exact) wide awake moments with you through the first Wide Awake book, and 51 other people wrote of their “aha moments” in book 2, so we invite all of you to help us answer the question: Can we wake up the world?  The magic, I suspect, is in the sharing of our wide awake moments.  

So let’s try something.  Let’s start sharing our wide awake (“aha”) moments, publicly, with

No grand exposition required.  No crafted essays necessary.  Just a simple re-telling of your experience.

poppyLet’s bear witness to each other’s wide awake moments, and ratchet up the wide awake levels in all of us.

In great anticipation,
Starla j.

*What is a hashtag? Read about it here and here.