Yes, actually, you DO have time.

by Starla J. King on January 12, 2012

Seriously??? You want me to write a blog post NOW?  In the middle of this client “next steps” email?

But I have WORK to do!


I have PLANS to create and GOALS to reach and NUMBERS to crunch and (hold on, gotta take a phone call…) DELIVERABLES to deliver and clearly…


I. don’t. have. time. to. write. right. now.

I don’t have time to pay attention to my Muse.

Which is exactly why I’m yelling at her right now, here, in this blog post. That I’m writing. Because I couldn’t concentrate on any of my other work (don’t look at my time log for the day).

And because the cupcake I ate didn’t make the grumblies go away. And coffee didn’t calm. And that small tantrum did no good.

Because when it’s time to create, it’s TIME TO CREATE.

That restless, itchy, can’t-quite-get-emotionally-comfortable feeling?  Chances are there’s something waiting to be expressed… something that needs your attention … NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION… more than that thing you’re working on. Even if only for a few minutes.

Like the time it took me to write this blog post. Which has left me in tears because it felt so damn good to just GIVE IN AND WRITE ALREADY!  (and yes, now I’m ready for that To Do list again).

So…what needs your attention? Open it.  Look at it.  Love it.  NOW.

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Angel January 12, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Well of course this is brilliant, and speaks directly *to* me… but you knew that already didn’t you?? 😀

Wanna know what’s really interesting about that itchy feeling (the physical manifestation of it, anyway…)?

it’s gone now.

It’s like it just needed for me to recognize what was actually going on under the surface. It needed my attention 😉

Once it got it, it was released.

Interesting, huh? (But again, I’m sure this is not a shock for you :-))



Starla J. King January 12, 2012 at 3:52 pm

Angel, perhaps I knew that. And perhaps I did a stealth reading of your “itchy”blog post earlier this week. 🙂

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES… it needed your attention! And YOU. And then it can go “oh, hey, there you are. ok, cool. I’ll just chill for a while now. ”

I hope I (we) never lose my awe of the power of noticing, recognition, and honoring our inner signals.



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