About Writing Coaching

The words are only part of it.

Writing coaching is about whatever it takes for you to get writing, keep writing, and (eventually) offer your writing in some form to others.

Use writing coaching to:

  • Fit part-time writing into your full-time life
  • Find your unique and preferred writing style, voice, form(s), and process
  • Remove (or work around) what gets in the way
  • Go deeper: why you write; what you want to say; who you are as a writer
  • Learn and integrate more of the craft, art, science, and ethics of writing
  • Fine tune your life to shore up your writing
  • Laugh or cry (it’s all part of the process)

I work with emerging writers who are stepping into a new level of creative writing (non-fiction or fiction): it may be time to write that book, get that blog flowing consistently, start submitting essays to literary magazines, or whatever else you really want to do with your writing.

It’s a big deal, this writing thing, and I am so ready to support you as coach, teacher, also-a-writer, and human being.  Here’s your pen: get out from under that bed and get writing. [See packages and pricing here]


Virtual shoulder-to-shoulder,  through phone and email conversations, assignments, and accountability agreements – all put in place with enough space for creative freedom and inspiration.

You can also choose to have me read and provide high-level response to your writing.  Wait, wouldn’t writing coaching automatically include that?  Actually, no – because writing coaching is about so much more than just your words, it’s quite possible to make significant writing progress without me reading your work.  And I’d also be honored to read it.  You get to choose [see package options here].

Regarding the deeper “how” of our coaching together, see my coaching approach and guiding principles here.

Please note: writing coaching is not going to teach you correct grammar, or how to put sentences together, or guarantee you sale of your book.  Writing coaching will, however, get you to write. Most likely in a way that brings you all sorts of joy.

How much?

Just the right price, of course!  See the Packages & Pricing page for package descriptions and pricing options.


Because you don’t have to go it alone.  And because your writing will thrive as you practice the nuances of craft, touch the magic of inspiration, and dig into the Big Questions, which include giants such as this:

  • How can you write with discipline and still keep the joy, inspiration, and creative freedom?
  • Why bother?
  • What is great writing to you, and how can you get there?
  • How do you decide when and what to share publicly?
  • What are your own guidelines for including others in your memoir and personal essay writing?
  • What shuts your writing down, what keeps it going, and how can you hold those reins?
  • [you get the picture]

Next Steps

Simply contact me to schedule a phone conversation (no charge) for us to “meet” and see if we might want to work together.

Let’s talk…