Wide Awake. Every Day. Amazon Bestseller, Hot New Release!

by Starla J. King on November 14, 2013

WHAT?!  I just launched it yesterday!  And today, my new book  Wide Awake. Every Day. is #30 on Amazon.com’s bestseller list for books in the Consciousness & Thought Philosophy category.  [update Nov 15: now #21]

Oh, AND I just got this screen shot from my (amazing!) publisher, Ros Nelson of Little Big Bay Publishing, LLC.  Apparently the book is also a hot new release (!!)

hot new release

As I told my niece this morning, I’m somewhere between wanting to dance naked on a stage with my book so more people will see it, and wanting to hide under the covers (with cats) until it all blows over.

It’s a lot to take in (and give out), this book launch thing — not to mention the writing work that went on for months (years, really) before that.  But that’s a story for another time; today, let’s honor this book by giving it the spotlight.

Wide Awake. Every Day. is about awareness, paying close attention to life.  It’s a collection of 365 vignettes and observations from my own life, moments that show that life is anything but ordinary — for any of us.

Learning to be more conscious of each moment (aka awake) takes practice, experimentation, and (sigh) discipline, so I’ve closed each day’s reading with gentle and do-able action steps to help you shift your awareness over time.  One page per day, one exercise per day, we can all turn awareness into a loyal and creative friend.

Why bother?  Because conscious living can turn the disconnected part of our lives into meaningful relationships, into connections.  The tree outside your window, the not-quite-stranger you pass on the sidewalk every morning, the parts of yourself that you hide away — they all have something incredible to offer you… if you’ll just be open to seeing it.


Like this wide awake moment in nature between my niece and her son

Give yourself and your loved ones this book as a gift, and experience the extra-ordinary in living wide awake, every day.

With love and gratitude,
Starla J.

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[photo credit: Hohl Photography]

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