Why I Have Two Blogs: A Case Study

by Starla J. King on June 13, 2012

I have 2 blogs:

  1. Business (the one you’re reading now)
  2. Personal (Starla’s Word Stew)

my cat, wiped out from writing my blog posts

Why?  Believe me, I’ve asked myself the same thing many a time.

It’s an interesting (?!) and sometimes tiring challenge to write consistently for two different blogs that are sorta the same.  Sorta.

So, again, why have both?   Because:

  • They each serve a different purpose
  • They each have different (although often related) subject matter
  • They each have a slightly different writing tone

which then

  • Keeps me challenged and fresh in my own writing
  • Provides real live examples of biz vs personal blog-writing nuances for my writing coaching clients
  • Serves a broader audience

Disclaimer:  I’m not saying you should all race out and start a second blog; that’s totally up to you (although… if you have *any* desire to write consistently, I hiiiiighly recommend having at least ONE blog.  Why?  Call me.  We’ll talk it out.).

Ok then, the case study part of this post (read, learn, then don’t forget to implement what makes sense to you).  Here are my blog distinctions:


My Business Blog:  I write this stuff to give you a taste of what I offer through my biz services (writing & editing, writing coaching, creativity coaching, and eCourse), to give you an idea of what it would (will.  WILL!) be like working with me, and — quite honestly — to keep myself in touch with the purpose of my business.

My Personal Blog:  I started this blog to have a platform to share my writing.  Period.  Over time, it has taken on a very cool life of its own as a way to connect me to others, to play with (and work with) words, and to keep me (and my readers) noticing the details of life and the messages they offer.

Subject Matter:

My Business Blog: All about creativity — from philosophizing about living a creative life, down to the details of specific writing tips.  Not many details about my personal life.

My Personal Blog: All about… um … anything.  Well, almost anything.  It’s not a dumping ground (I have a private journal for that.  Trust me, you don’t wanna read that detritus).


My Business Blog:  More polish, less wordspill.  But still playful.  And real.  Yet professional(ish). And grounded(ish).  And competent.  You know — hire-worthy.

My Personal Blog: Less filtered, more (light) snark.  But still playful.  And real.  And respectful.  Also can get really intense and, well, personal.   Just one rule: each topic ends with hope.  No, wait, make that just 2 rules:  1. Each topic ends with hope, and 2. Nobody’s secrets (other than my own) get revealed. Ever.

In reality, I could combine these two blogs, tweaking the writing to a workable middle ground, but I’m just not willing to go there.  Partly because that takes away some of the writing and expressing freedom I have by sticking within two distinct blogs (counterintuitive?  I know… but it’s true), but mostly because I do still believe in (some) separation between what I share professionally and what I share personally.  At the same time, I have pretty much nothing to hide… so if you want that glimpse into my personal stuff, go have a bowl of Starla’s Word Stew.

Oh… one more very very important thing.  Special thanks to my biz / life coach Nancy J. Duncan, who in our very first phone meeting over 4 years ago asked me “Do you have a blog?”  to which I answered, “No, not yet… but I really want to.”  Little did I know that when you say something like that to a coach, you’re gonna darn well DO that thing you “really want to.”   See following photo of my notes from that fateful call on Jan 13, 2008:

4+ years and 238 blog posts later, I am happily mired in the habit, discipline, and never-even-dreamed-of rewards of weekly blog-post writing (e.g., the evolution of this whole OutWrite Living business).  NjD, I tip my pen to you…

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Steven June 13, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Starla, why rule #1?

I mean, mom always called me a pessimist, and look what that got her.



Starla J. King June 13, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Svn, because Mom said so.

And because I’d rather spread life-enhancing hope than life-squooshing gunk.


Amy Scott July 4, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Great post, Starla! I have two blogs, also (well, three, if you count the more personal one I’ve completely neglected for the past two-plus years), and despite some suggestions from others to combine them, I’m keeping them separate. In fact, reading this post makes me wonder if I need to give that third one some more attention! They do all serve different purposes, both for me and for my audience, like you described here.


Starla J. King July 17, 2012 at 12:37 pm

So it’s been a couple weeks… any more thoughts on that third blog, Amy?? If you’ve got the stuff to keep 3 going, YOU GO GIRL!!! 🙂


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