by Starla J. King on December 15, 2011

My sister-in-law is (accidentally) in the middle of a week without a power cord for her laptop.

Oh the horror!

Or maybe not.

She’s been using a pen and paper… reports it as an “interesting experience” … then proceeds to tell me about her morning breakthrough of internal understanding.  Um… yes… breakthrough.  Without a laptop.

A breakthrough which came from a few sentences written in pen, on paper, from her hand… from (I dare venture) her heart.

Ok sure, I know computer is a faster way to get thoughts out, with its own satisfaction of fingers flying on a keyboard and the delicious clickety click sound of keys whispering their kudos for each word you record in bits and bytes and pixels and posts.


But if you really want to get to know yourself, pick up your pen and let your heart-ink flow.

No filters … no keyboard intermediary … just you, your pen, and paper — an open receptacle for your inside-out expression.

Invigorating.  Terrifying.   The skinny-dipping of written communication.

Put your beach towels down folks — shove your keyboards aside and dive naked into the murky waters of uninhibited pen and paper writing… and when you’re ready, you’ll find yourself there on the page.

Here… I’ll hold your towel…

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