Truths About Writing A Book, part 1

by Starla J. King on August 9, 2013

I’m writing a book.  A substantial book. A 365-page book of daily inspirations for conscious living. And since you asked (thank you), it’s called Wide Awake. Every Day. and will be tidied up and published by Little Big Bay Publishing.

book manuscriptThis book-writing thing is … um… well… complicated.  So as writerly folk tend to do, I’m making sense of it all right here on the page, figuring out my own truths about book-writing as I go.

These truths might also be your truths — or they might not.  My process might work for you — or it might not.  My rules for freedom might confine you, or my rules for structure might free you, or my rules might well be tossed by the wayside to make room for your own original rules.  (I break my rules all the time anyway).

But somewhere in here might be a morsel that rings true to you, lights a little fire in your inkwell, and becomes much like a good friend sitting beside you feeding you fresh seedless grapes with each new word you write.

In no particular order, my truths about writing a book:

It is more important to my life than I ever imagined.  I have a tangible, measurable goal built from my life-long longing and it. is. amazing.

Writing about conscious living requires, well, conscious living.  This book is for you, this book is for me, this book is for us.

This process is difficult.  And easy.  And excruciating.  And a walk in the park.

Every writing day is different, even though I write at the same time each morning (8:45-ish to 10:30am). I show up each day, and hope to God the words meet me there.

I go a little batty when I try to write all day for more than 3 days in a row; I need to come up regularly for air.

The combination of writing coaching, business building, and writing a book works well for me.  I need the variety and each part inspires and fuels and informs the other parts.

Sometimes I write better when I’m multi-tasking (it keeps me out of my own way and lets the words through with fewer filters).

Sometimes I write better with 1000% focus on just the words I’m writing on the page.

Writing with pen and notebook works well for topic brainstorming and rough rough partial drafts of pages.

Writing with computer works well for editing or writing on those glorious days when words flow too quickly to capture freehand.

Some days I cry a little because I can’t figure out how to get meaningful sentences on a page.

Some days I cry because the writing wraps itself so very gently around the deepest parts of me and gives me everything … everything … that I need in that moment.

Some days I have small tantrums and grind my teeth and refuse to put words on the page because they feel totally uninspired and I’m certain this whole book idea was a grandiose mistake.  And then I give up, and in the letting go, the words show up.

This takes a lot longer than I expected (um… see above.  Tantrums = timeline issues).

Mondays are the most difficult writing days.  Fridays are easiest.  So I plan more writing time toward the end of the week.

Accountability is absolutely essential.  I send the week’s new page titles to my coach every Friday evening, and feel that threat support in every page I write.

Speaking of which, I have a page goal to meet… gotta run bye!
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tina burkholder August 12, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Thank you for sharing this Starla – it is a helpful window into your process. I take note of your accountability comment especially!


Starla J. King August 14, 2013 at 1:35 pm

ah yes, the accountability … which can also be called “attention.”


angel August 12, 2013 at 3:36 pm


“Some days I cry because the writing wraps itself so very gently around the deepest parts of me and gives me everything … everything … that I need in that moment.”

i know i have read the result of some of these moments from you & they have also made me cry <3


Starla J. King August 14, 2013 at 1:36 pm

and that, dear Angel, is why I write. thank you! <3


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