To Be Complete

by Starla J. King on December 31, 2013

[continuing yesterday’s post of reflecting on the New Year transition through excerpts from the Dec 30 and Dec 31 readings in my new daily inspirations book, Wide Awake. Every Day.]

December 30

As I write this next-to-last page, I notice it’s also the next-to-last page in my writing notebook. My heart soars for a moment as I picture the thrill of getting out the fresh new notebook so full of open possibility, immediately followed by a pang of sadness as I feel the ending of the writing stage of this book project.

Endings are complex happenings in our lives. On one hand, they signal a closing and a completion, and even in the most desired endings, usually come with a sense of loss.

On the other hand, endings mark time in meaningful ways as they make room for beginnings as they clear space space in our spiritual and emotional closets.

Let’s honor the endings: let’s allow them our time, offer them our comfort, and give them our attention.


Write “honor the endings” on a sticky-note and put it where you will see it in the course of each day. Next time you have an “ending” (big or small) in your life, take the time to honor the ending. Write a list of acknowledgement for whatever is ending, then write a list of possibility for what the ending is allowing you.

Notice how this impacts your experience of an “ending.”

December 31

I had a coach who ended phone calls (individual or group) with the question “What do you need to say to be complete?” Some days “complete” required nothing extra, while other days, it was a mention of gratitude, a quick question, a request, or one last bit of information passed on.

What do you need to say or do to be complete with this leg of your journey?


Set aside 15 minutes to answer that question: “What do you need to be complete?”

Then take action on it.

Go. Live.


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