The Call of Beauty

by Starla J. King on June 23, 2016

[Nov. 15, 2016 Update Note: My blog posts are currently on pause as I focus my energies on supporting my writing coaching clients and finding my way to my next book topic.  I’m still here…please feel free to reach out! With love, Starla j.] 


“In turning away from beauty, we turn away from all that is wholesome and true, and deliver ourselves into an exile where the vulgar and artificial dull and deaden the human spirit.” ~ John O’Donahue  (from his book Beauty: The Invisible Embrace)

I’m weary.  Weary of the shootings, the politics, the widespread discontent, the things that threaten to chew my optimistic nature to bits and chase my gentle soul into hiding.

So I turn to the one thing at times like this that clears for me an inner oasis with enough space to hope.  I turn to beauty.

I turn to beauty in order to — even if only for a moment — replace fear with awe (the intricacies of every flower structure!), ennui with wonder (why did that painting melt my heart, that scent soothe my soul?) , and chaos with order (the perfect symmetries of nature!).

I turn to beauty to get a glimpse of peace, the carrot of motivation to take action.

I turn to beauty to soothe a few of my edges, so my inner hangnails don’t come out to scrape the world up even more.

So will this turning to beauty shape for us an ideal president, stop the shootings, and turn our collective first-response actions towards love?  I honestly don’t know, but I do believe in that possibility.

“We respond with joy  to the call of beauty because in an instant it can awaken under the layers of the heart a forgotten brightness.” ~ John O’Donahue

Maybe this “forgotten brightness” can light a path for more souls to find each other, gathering together to act with compassion, empathy, and a relentless insistence on beauty.

nasturtium close-up


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