Technicolor Transitions

by Starla J. King on October 20, 2011

They say transitions are the most creative times of our lives.

But where do we find our creativity when we’re thrown off our axis of comfort, somewhere inbetween what was and what will be?

How do we create when the solid stuff of familiarity around us wavers as we step into that transition land of the unknown, and the clarity of black and white turns into the muck of gray area?

Or… ooh, wait, wait…maybe… maybe it’s not so much GRAY area as actually a concerto of FULL COLOR?!

Maybe that place between black and white,  between what was and what will be, between right, wrong, yours, mine, them, and us … maybe that place IN BETWEEN is where all the colors of possibility gather for our picking.

Maybe that place IN BETWEEN is where your muse comes out to play.

Because in the IN BETWEEN we have even more choices available.  More tools working together to create the next steps of our lives.  A greater need for awareness and discovery and contemplation and full engagement of our senses, intellect, spirit, heart, body, and soul.

I took this photo (see below) this morning in the midst of my greatest transition day in quite some time.  My partner and I are moving to PA … after 40 years (for me)  in VA.  Suburbia to city.  Horizontal space to vertical space.  Quiet to sound.  Nature to man-made.  T-R-A-N-S-I-T-I-O-N!!  The discomfort of the gray area of IN BETWEEN.

Then carrying boxes to our car, the sun through the various colors on this Maple tree stopped me in my tracks.  Got me thinking about the full-color array available during nature’s transition from summer to fall.  And our transition from one home to another.  And the incredible, brilliant, intense beauty available during these times… if we just choose to find it, allow it, pause and notice it.

I’ve got my color palette waiting… YOU have YOUR color palette waiting, with even more shades and hues and combinations available during times of transition.  Let’s start painting, shall we??

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Nona October 20, 2011 at 8:52 pm

I can see the rainbow of possibility and promise spreading out in front of you, dear Starla! I cannot wait to see how this next chapter unfolds for you. xoxo


Starla J. King October 22, 2011 at 8:56 am

Ah, Nona, such beautiful words and I so appreciate the vote of confidence. I love having you in my court.

Same goes to you my dear as you continue to embrace each new next step for yourself!


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