Stop and Know Them

by Starla J. King on July 25, 2013

My dear wife has had to learn a great deal of patience in experiencing this world with me.  I’m much like a child constantly enamored with just about anything that catches one of my senses… so a 6-block walk to the grocery store, for example, can easily become a 30-minute field trip.

I need to touch things: plants, fence posts, cats, dogs, the crumbling brick on the corner of a 100-hr-old house.

I need to get up close and personal to examine the striations of tree bark, the mandala effect of seedlings arranged meticulously as a flowerhead, the sunlight glinting off the silver threads of my wife’s hair.

I need to inhale the ancestral scent of sun-roasted stone, hear the innocent singing of someone mistaking their earbuds for privacy, and taste the fresh mint beckoning me from a random window box.

I need to stop and get to know them — all the details of this rich and precious lifeto surround myself with the friendship of beauty, shoring myself up for the days when life gets too big, too rough, too raw.  

Today, tomorrow, the next day… stop and know them — those intricate creative details of life — then write about them, paint their essence, share their natural portraits, or speak their spark to those who have the gift of being in contact with you.

Stop and know them.  All of them. 



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