Start Them Young

by Starla J. King on November 21, 2013

I was planning out my day, journaling in hopes of finding clarity on my priorities, when I heard a ruckus in front of the house.

Kids — a whole bunch of them — were parading down the sidewalk, chanting something, while some of them danced around and others held signs high above their heads. A few older folks were helping maintain some semblance of order… while dressed like characters in Dr. Seuss books.

we love to read

They were chanting “We love to read!”

The signs declared “Reading is fun!”

And I’m guessing they were walking the 2 blocks from their charter school to the corner library.

These children are being given the world.  Reading gives them imagination airline tickets to anywhere, anytime, with anyone — no $$ needed.

And imagination will give them, for the rest of their lives, the power to intentionally create their current moments and their future.

Start them young, give them the chance to fall in love with reading.

After all, they ARE the future.  

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