I can tell you a thousand different ways about the value of my services, but what really matters is what my clients say about their OutWrite Living experience.  Read on…. 

“Well, I am crying. Thank you. The read feels so good and I love every addition and change you have made. You inspire me so much, the way you play with words and bring so much depth to a sentence.”
~ Dr. Tererai Trent: Humanitarian, Scholar, Motivator, Oprah’s All-time Favorite Guest

“I have had the pleasure to work with Starla multiple times as a writer. I was thrilled to have her help edit my upcoming book. Beyond the technical needs of an editor, Starla brings compassion and heart to all of her work. I’m so impressed how she can become your voice when she writes. I could barely tell where my writing ended and hers began.”
~ Lisa Druxman, Chief Founding Mom, Fit4Mom

“I knew I could trust Starla with my writing process the moment I met her. She is one of the few people I know who brings openness and kindness to high standards. She understands the subtle ways that will help me move my writing forward, and is a genius at helping me come to my own realizations about what works for me. She has put me on a path straight toward the way I want to write.”
~ Beth Monaghan, InkHouse Principal

“I write from the heart, and editors I have used in the past tried to fit me into a box. Starla and her spiritual nature has taken my writing to another level. Starting with articles, then writing an activity book, I knew Starla was the perfect fit. Not only is she a fantastic editor, she asks questions to ensure you are being clear to the reader. She pushes you in a kind, fun and gentle way to communicate in the most effective way. I cannot imagine not having Starla on my team when I need her editing services!”
~ Kerry Elam: Managing Director of HR/Operations at Actualize Consulting, Author, Founder of Zendoway

“A big hug of gratitude to Starla who rejuvenated my dissertation work by striking me with the question: ‘Were you as brave as you could have been?’ She devised for me a productive editing strategy and reminded me (repeatedly and gracefully) to tightly wind my analytical writing around my data, my regression tables, and the story that emerged from my bibliography. Thank you thank you, beautiful Starla!”
~ Sonal Nalkur, PhD

“Though blushing fiercely at your blog, I LOVE your site! Love your photo, love the look…we must be in the same posse.  Yay!
~Martha Beck, Life Coach, Author, Speaker  (and my hero-ine)

“Loving myself through the first hurdle of setting the wheels in motion was easily attainable, for I was working with a coach named Starla. It was not surprising to me that I could trust her to be gentle but honest, while maintaining high regard for the author’s ultimate authority in regard to her own writing. It was not surprising to me that I saw Starla’s core values shining through every step as she walked them with me. Fear didn’t stand a chance against such love & wisdom.

But I was still surprised. At the ground covered. At what I already knew. At what my coach could see that I hoped she’d see. At what delicious things can be tasted, and how much can be learned, in editing one small piece. With the right help.

I wrote to her:
Doing this with you has been bigger than I could have imagined. In short order, I have learned a ton, which just makes that big W word seem even more inhalable. 🙂

Yup. I may just be a writer.Thank you, Starla.”
~ Miriam Showalter, Teacher, Students with Autism

“For many years I have been wanting to write a book about my experience of growing up in a very large family. In each of my attempts to begin writing, the flow of my creativity became stopped up at the overwhelming, daunting task of sorting through and organizing the pile of stories and information before me. This is why I am so grateful I found Starla!

I have found a deep well of support in Starla as she challenges me, yet supports me by her gentle nudging, steering me through the fog of my doubts and discouragement by providing inspiration, believing in the value of my work, giving me reasons to keep going, and encouraging me to find my style. It is as though she is right there beside me. My ideas and writing have again begun to flow!

Within her flexibility Starla provides just enough structure to keep me accountable, as she helps me form my own expectations, offering guidance, all the while being respectful of where I am. I have become able to allow my writing to take on a life of its own and have become aware of an indefinable dimension, a sacredness, as I now write, “letting the stories take me where I need to go”, engaging my soul and spirit in the telling of my story – my story in all the stories. By searching for the intended meaning behind the words, Starla has helped me find a way to authentically tell even the difficult stories.

Best of all, I have now found a way to write my book, that of allowing the book to contain the stories even as they flow out of the book from my heart and soul into the heart and soul of others!”
~ Rose Huyard, Child and Adolescent Therapist

“Starla is much more than a creativity/writing coach. Working with her will influence way more than just the ability to write. Starla has helped me to shift my perception of what writing and being creative actually is. Creativity sounds like such a big deal, something that comes to artists only (People like Shakespeare or Pablo Picasso – talk about high standards) and not to average people.

My creativity/writing is like an old little fire pit, the fire was long gone and only a small sad glow was left. Starla found a way to rekindle that fire. The wood and scrubs were right there next to the fire, but I didn’t know how to get the fire going, I didn’t even see the wood or that there is a place for the fire. Starla helped me to find the food for my fire and got the flame going. Now I am assured that there is creativity (the little flame) and wood (inspiration) there.

Thank You Starla for lighting the fire!” 
~ Daggi Bayer, Life Coach, Equus Coach, The Dream Detective

“I had been thinking of creating my business website for years, yet could not find the words to reflect what I bring to my practice as a coach. From our first call, I knew I had found in Starla the perfect person to articulate my website content.  

Starla met me where I was in the process and created content that aligned perfectly with the vision and intention of my work. How? Starla’s essential creative nature influences everything she touches – every conversation, comment and comma. She holds precious the ripple impact of each word. Her capacity to hold the full scope of a content project while lovingly paying attention to every nuance is stellar, and she does this all with respect, a sense of flow and  fun. I highly encourage anyone wanting a creative alliance that will result in content that gets to the heart of any matter to contact Starla.” 
~ Nancy J. Duncan, Professional Life & Business Coach / Fitness Consultant

“I have worked with these smart, sensitive women [Nancy & Starla] in coaching and book design. Combining them as a team [for Creative Life Coaching]? Wow, your project will emerge as if shot from a cannon! This is truly a bargain. I guarantee that you will flourish in their good care. The satisfaction and excitement of creative work going well is hard to beat.”
~ Ros Nelson, Little Big Bay (book publishing)

“Starla is one of the most talented and creative people I have ever met. She expands your thought process and comes from a totally different and creative perspective. She is so encouraging and challenges you in a really helpful way. I consider her an integral part of my ‘team’. I would not have had my business up and running without her!
We have been working on various projects for almost a year and I have been so amazed at the incredible results.  She brings such energy, love, and fun into all of her work. She is a joy to work with!”

“You helped me so, so much with my application to the Ucross Foundation. I was accepted for a 6-week artist residency! Thank you for your insightful comments on my essay and on my non-traditional resume.”
~ Kate Schutt, Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist

“I was just SO excited and inspired after we spoke! I practically wrote my whole first blog post in my head, but then that inspiration started to deflate. (Notice I just said ‘started.’ There’s still excitement there, but life started to leak in.) I can see that it will benefit me to keep up coaching with you. It’s time to do something real for myself! Having a writer help me get started writing just makes sense.”
~ Dana Kiehl, Blogger | Full(+!)-Time Mom

“Having a presence on the web was such a daunting thought…how will I be perceived, will it make any sense, what do I know about marketing myself?  After spending a couple of hours talking with Starla, she just got it!  She did an amazing job of capturing the essence of what was in my head and elegantly putting it into words.  Even though she wrote it, I can hear myself talking as I read it.  And, just starting out in my business and wanting everything to be perfect, she provided the exact level of help, patience and support that I needed to walk away from this experience with a huge smile on my face 🙂 .”
~ Sharon Misnuner, The Practical Parenting Coach

“Working with Starla and Nancy in conjunction [Creative Life Coaching] was the perfect juxtaposition of two very different but two very complementary coaching styles. In my sessions with Nancy, I generally feel led to discuss career and relationship challenges and aspirations, so when given the chance to add Starla’s creativity coaching to the mix, I jumped on it.

Having the two working separately and yet in conjunction was an exquisite balance that both grounded me and helped me to fly. If I could paint it, Nancy would be the outlines, creating the narrative for the composition, and Starla fills in the color. Both on their own do exceptional work, but when the two combine, it takes life coaching to a new level. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to work with these two incredibly motivating women, and I can’t wait to see where continued work with these soul guides takes me!”
~Rachael Harnish, Blogger | Visual Artist | Marketing Specialist at Rosetta Stone

“Having worked with Starla J. King for several months now, I will vouch for her skill, her gentleness, and her tenacity. She is a terrific creative coach and I love working with her.”
~ Tina Burkholder, Director of Permanency Services at Bethanna (a child welfare agency)

“I have tears just reading this!! And it’s my page. I want to work with me! ! 🙂 You have done such an absolutely fabulous job.  I look forward to working with you some more as I craft my writing style & skills. I love working with you … what a true pleasure.”
~Anne Marie Rowe, Career Design Strategist and Resource Connector, Rowe Together

Oh, Starla, thank you!!  I’m delighted that I asked you to do this work for me.  You’ve helped me clarify and amplify my own message and get clear on how it relates to the book.

~ Nona Jordan, the Business Yogini

Starla, Without you I would still be sitting with a website under construction.  Instead it is up and lovely.
I am just thrilled with it and want to endorse your writing work to anyone!!!
You heard my heart and my head and made it come alive.
Truly, truly a gift worth more than $100,000
Thank you, thank you, thank you

~Joan K. King, Owner of Joan Kenerson King Consulting and Counseling, LLC

I have had multiple Starla blog experiences and found them all a pleasure.  I first met Starla when she was writing a blog for a mutual friend of mine.  My friend’s blog went from blah to BLING!  So wanting to create a blog for my husband’s business I reached out to Starla for coaching.  I spent 1 hour on the phone with her…when I was done I had the confidence to get started.  I also knew that if I needed more where to find her.  She is wonderful to collaborate with or have her take care of the whole blog thing.  I highly recommend her!
~ Gail D. Benmosche, PMP  Owner of BusinessKeeping

Looking for a writer?  Hire Starla King!  If you are looking for someone who is so much more than just a writer, one that can gain insight to the big picture of your vision, has savvy marketing and sales concepts, is totally techy and can keep track of the progress of the writing/blogs that are written, will monitor the comments and keep you on your toes, and will write blogs (and more) for you that will inspire communication among your tribe, then Starla King is your answer…. hire on!
~ Lorin Beller Blake, Founder and CEO of Big Fish Nation

Starla — wow you captured the beauty of essence. You know how and what to say that’s energizing!
~ Peg Calvario, Coach, Speaker, Blogger (http://letterstojodi.com)

Thanks again for helping create a website that reflects who I am!  You brilliantly wove my information into a flowing and interesting story.  I would still be sitting at Starbucks racking my brain about the content of the site, but you made it painless!  Thank you!
~ Lynne Nozicka, BA, CH:  (http://lynnenozicka.com)

Fab… it is like you are in my head 😉
~ (Ghost-blog Client)

I enjoy Starla’s writing style.  She has a real talent for expressing emotion and visual expression with a simple display of words.  This is a valuable skill that is often lacking when using today’s communication tools.
~ Michelle Bonn, Owner & CEO of Expedient Trade

I’ve begun my Friday by visiting OutWrite Living and re-reading several of your blogs, and dwelling on some that I had missed (oh my!).  I equate this like stepping up to the Slurpee machine at 7-11, finding all my favorite flavors, and then like my sons do, standing there and ‘topping’ my cup repeatedly, blending all of the fuel your words give to my spirit. Delightful, without the brain freeze!!
~ Barbara Mason, Web Dev PM

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