Writing & Editing Services

Together… we discover, deliver, and delight using a different way with words.

Discover your clear voice, your essence, your bottom-line impact.

Deliver your message, your service(s), your experience.

Delight your clients, your audience, yourSELF.


  • Unique & Effective Website Content
  • Other Written Forms of Business and Personal Expression
  • Inspirational & Motivational Content

WEBSITE CONTENT Creation & Editing:

Content Polish (bring out the shine)
Content Makeover (overhaul)
Content Creation (blank space awaits)

I (with your help) create or spark your web content using your voice and the voice of your business to powerfully connect you to your clients and audience.

Package includes:

  1. Initial 45-minute “Discovery” call
  2. Follow-up calls as necessary, with email access to me between calls
  3. Draft content and revisions (written by me) provided in MS Word format
  4. Review process management (by me)
  5. A delightful “working” experience!

Price = $95 – $125 per hour

Other Written Forms of Personal & Biz Expression:

Many forms of writing are really about discovering and communicating your voice in a way that powerfully connects you to your audience.

For example (projects I’ve been working on)

  • Writing artist bios for press kits / websites
  • Helping entrepreneurs discover their business name and/or tagline
  • Writing brief promotional video scripts for entrepreneurs
  • Editing and adding content to your soul-work writing projects

Price = $95 – $125 per hour

Inspirational & Motivational Content:

The written word is a powerful way to make a DIFFERENCE in this world. Let me help. See my soul-writing examples at http://starlajking.wordpress.com .

Price = $95 – $125 per hour

I am Ready…

for you

your words

your ideas

your business

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