Social Media and Faith

by Starla J. King on March 30, 2011

(hmmm…wonder where THIS one will take us???….)

Social media. 

What’s your reaction to that phrase? 

Glee?  Terror? Delight? Hiding under the nearest blanket?  

Mine, as you might have guessed, is to hide under the nearest blanket… with my Blackberry… and probably my laptop too… although I might have to turn that off if I get too overwhelmed by having 53 different windows open to scamper between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, My blog(s), your blogs, Twitter, Facebook…

What is it that lures us into the web (heehee) of online conversation, posting, lurking, reading, writing, nipping at the Twittery heels of our business and personal heroes to maybe just maybe get their attention and feel famous for a split second? 

For me (and maybe you??), it’s this feeling that I MIGHT MISS SOMETHING:  the connection that leads to my first amazing book deal, or the new trend in social media marketing that anyone in the biz MUST know, or simply to taste the lush word fruits of so many great writers out there.

I finally realized something… the thing that helps me keep my (relative) sanity around social media… 

When I have faith in myself, my work, and my purpose, I lose my social media stress.

I can stop being afraid of missing The Most Important Tweet Ever.

Because I have faith that my purpose won’t be derailed by missing the Chance of a Lifetime Facebook post.   

And my potential for making a real difference in this crazy world won’t be snuffed out by overlooking the One and Only Text from God.

It’s like Michele Dortch (of follow-worthy Write to Incite) says in her recent blog post: 

“If your computer is dinging, blinging and otherwise performing circus acts as you’re trying to work, your first mission to turn off all desktop notifiers.”

 When I have faith, I can do the internal version of that. 

When I have faith, I can miss a few notifications and ignore a few updates, and allow myself to… get this… FOCUS on the gut-level omg-I-love-this-work project that WILL make a difference… WILL touch a heart (including mine)… WILL help make a few inspired dreams come true.

 And now, I must go turn off my laptop… and my Blackberry… after I check my messages, of course.

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Michele March 31, 2011 at 12:45 am

Oh, how I love this Starla!! Social media is oh, so seductive with it’s taunts and promises. But I’m 100% with you…when I have faith in myself and my work, I can easily tear off my virtual tethers and enjoy life tweet-free.

A confession though…I still sleep with my iPhone under my pillow. I tell myself it’s so I can hear the alarm in the morning, but the truth is that I leave it there in case I’m hit with 2am insomnia and need to satiate my I-might-be-missing-something-super-important fix.

Usually, there’s nothing there at 2am but a bunch of spam. How disappointing.


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