Creative Life Coaching

Live, Work, & Write fully

Exponentially increase your capacity in all areas with the support of 2 coaches.

  • Sometimes your growth is focused on your life & your non-writing work, while other times it is all about your writing.
  • Sometimes your life needs attention before your writing can show up, while other times your writing can move you forward like nothing else.
  • Sometimes your non-writing work needs to change so your writing work can flourish.
Yes, all of these “agenda” areas overlap and intertwine… and they also each have distinct nuances, considerations, skill sets, and coping & growth tools — just like coaches with their specialties.

That’s why I (Starla J. King) have joined forces with certified, experienced, and incredibly talented professional life coach and fitness consultant Nancy J. Duncan to offer this unique coaching package of Professional Life Coaching + Writing Coaching.   Our complementary coaching approaches anchor our different specialties to provide a full-spectrum coaching experience.
Nancy J Duncan, Starla J King headshots

“I have worked with these smart, sensitive women in coaching and book design. Combining them as a team? Wow, your project will emerge as if shot from a cannon! This is truly a bargain. I guarantee that you will flourish in their good care. The satisfaction and excitement of creative work going well is hard to beat.”  ~ Ros Nelson, Little Big Bay (book publishing)

Who is Creative Life Coaching for?

This 2-coach approach best matches someone who:

  • Has a current writing project (“current” meaning ready to commit to a writing project of any size , even if it’s not yet started)
  • Is looking for a whole-life approach to enhancing and furthering life, work, and writing
  • Is ready to honor fully their inherent capabilities through deep discovery, intentional action, and meaningful expression

“Having the two working separately and yet in conjunction was an exquisite balance that both grounded me and helped me to fly. If I could paint it, Nancy would be the outlines, creating the narrative for the composition, and Starla fills in the color. Both on their own do exceptional work, but when the two combine, it takes life coaching to a new level.” ~ Rachael Harnish, Blogger | Visual Artist | Marketing Specialist at Rosetta Stone 

How does this work?

Coaches alternate from one coaching session to the next to give you the greatest benefit of both our specialties in a balanced way.  So, for example, if your first coaching session is with Nancy, your second is then with Starla, your third is with Nancy, your fourth is with Starla, and so on.

Nancy and I are absolutely committed to confidentiality and integrity in our work and lives, so we will not share any details of our coaching sessions with each other or anyone else.  If you, as client to both of us, choose to share information from one coaching session to another, we welcome that, while allowing that to be fully your decision, not ours.

As coaches, our role is to ask you the powerful questions and offer the practical exercises and explorations that give you ways to transform your life, work, and writing in ways that work for you specifically.   Coaching sessions address your agenda, in service of your goals for the changes in life, work, and writing that are most important to you — all with focused support from your coach(es).

As “coachee,”  your role is to commit to the process, stay open to the exploration, and do the work.

Our approach

Both Nancy and I believe in each person’s inherent greatness, in honoring the interrelationships between body, mind, and spirit, and in the creativity, resourcefulness and wholeness of each person.

We both hold the coaching relationship to be a sacred collaboration of equals and are grateful for the opportunity to be caretakers of that relationship while supporting your most meaningful growth.

We both appreciate and enjoy the full-experience conversations of coaching calls that range from laughter to tears to celebrations to frustrations to contemplation to planning and action.



This package includes:

  • 3 phone 1-1 coaching sessions per month (1 hour each), plus
  • Email support from each coach between calls
We request a 6 month commitment, as deep change requires time and an intentional commitment.

Experience the Possibilities

To request no-charge sample phone coaching sessions with Nancy & me (separate sessions with each coach), send a quick message through my contact page.

It’s your time to thrive…