by Starla J. King on March 29, 2013

What was whispered to the rose
To break it open
Last night
Was whispered to my heart.
~ Rumi

It doesn’t matter so much whether you believe the Biblical resurrection story as a literal happening or as a metaphor (or neither): the Truth within it is the same:   we have the capacity to start anew.

In any moment we can choose to start again. It might take time to get the logistics of life in alignment with that new start, but the very moment we decide to start again, the resurrection process has begun.

razorwire_cross1On this Good Friday, we’re also reminded that the resurrection process isn’t all sunshine and sandalwood — that death of the current situation is often required in order to make way for the new infusion of life.   The rose, as Rumi says, needs to be broken open.

No wonder we balk at change, hang back from transformation, and choose (consciously or not) to tolerate less-than-meaningful living:  in doing so, we don’t have to put anything to death.

But in doing so, we also miss out on Life.

When we’re willing to let a languishing dream die, we make room for a new dream to flourish.

When we say no to soul-crushing activities, we offer yes to creating possibility, growth, and life.

When we let go of the faded heartbeat of who we once were, we give life to the new heart of who we are becoming.

Every moment is a little death, and every next moment is a little life.  Every moment is a chance to start anew.  Every moment is a resurrection — what will you bring to life?   


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