Read to them

by Starla J. King on February 29, 2016

Not yet two years old, my enticingly adorable great-niece wasn’t the least bit interested in me that morning.  Too many people, too little time to get warmed up yet to the “older” (eep!) generation this visit.

Until, that is, I happened upon her taking some quiet time on the floor of her room. I grinned at her across the hallway and she echoed the greeting as my heart melted like chocolate fondue.

Then she held out a book.

“Do you want to read?” I asked.

She nodded.

Diving to the floor beside her before the moment might pass, I opened the first book she handed me, then waited while she gathered several more from various corners of the room.

And then she crawled into my lap. 


3.7 books and a de-diapering of her baby doll later, she reached for me in the crowded kitchen, stole blueberries (and bananas and mango) off my plate, and hung onto my shins for dear life during a back-risking (mine, not hers) acrobatic fest.

Books: the great intergenerational connectors.

*photo by Sandra A. Manne

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