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by Starla J. King on January 5, 2012

They read their stories out loud to me last night, the two women with me on this writing retreat, and as their words found me, I found my own (this blog post).

We read stories out loud to our children, cousins, niecelings, nephewlings and grandkids before they go to bed, using the words to wrap them in our love and comfort as they sleep. Then at a certain age, most of us just stop.  Reading out loud to each other falls by the wayside along with tattered dolls, toys, and teddy bears.

Let’s bring it back, the reading aloud.

Bring back the connecting through stories, given life through our own voices.

Bring back the dusty warm memories of sleepy childhood bedtimes bathed in warm lamplight.  Or make memories you never got.

Bring back the total absorption in a world of possibility and adventure and experience made real through our imagination.

Let’s remember, in this digitized, electronic world, that it doesn’t take technical skill to turn print words into practically-alive 3D; it merely takes a voice — YOUR voice — and your willingness to read aloud.

Share the gift of words today, wrapped in the gorgeous timbre of your voice.  I’m listening…

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Angel January 5, 2012 at 4:16 pm

This is *SO* interesting… I don’t remember having been read to as a child. I read to my daughter a bit as she was growing up (it seemed she started reading and took over for herself quickly anyway!). We read now to my son almost nightly…

What’s odd is that even now I find myself feeling very self-conscious about reading aloud to my little dude… If his sister or my husband are in the room I get quiet and MUCH less animated. If it’s just him… I’m all over the place with fun voices for each character, etc…

I always hated reading aloud to classmates in school too. Any time I had to, I then needed to go back and re-read it to myself to understand it because I’d been so worried about speaking clearly and pronouncing each word correctly that I had *no* idea what I’d just read!

The thought of reading aloud to anyone for pleasure scares the crap out of me!!!

Until I read this, though, I never gave any of it a thought!

Again… interesting!



Starla J. King January 5, 2012 at 6:25 pm

As usual, Angel, I’m loving your response!

As I was writing the post, I thought about the likelihood of at least some readers not being comfortable reading out loud. And there you are! 🙂

For me, reading out loud feels like an intimate act — plus a performance of some sort… so it makes sense that it can scare the crap outta you (or anyone). And I think that’s why we are often more comfortable reading out loud to children.

Although I didn’t feel a tight bond with my parents, one thing I remember heart-first is the nights of Mom reading to me while I lay sleepily in bed. It was her taking time for ME, and perhaps thats where some of my LOVE of words came from.

Fascinating stuff to think about… thanks for highlighting the “stuff” around how it feels to read out loud!

So, what are you gonna read aloud to me? 🙂


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