Please do feed the humor

by Starla J. King on June 21, 2012

When I saw this sign in a local Philly pet supply shop yesterday, I laughed out loud…and of course had to take a photo to share that laugh on Facebook.

Then I noticed something cool this morning: the “likes” were from people with kids and without kids, with pets and without pets.  And it struck me:

Humor is a creative expression that speaks magically across our differences.  

When we can laugh together, who cares how much money we each have in the bank … or whether we live in the city or suburbs … or whether we’re cat people, dog people, neither, or both  … or what color we are (or aren’t) …or what God we believe in (or not) … or whether we prefer tea over coffee (*gasp*)… or what sexual orientation we are (or aren’t) … or whether we love or hate social media (or both or neither)… or what language we speak … or [add your own].

Pets welcome, children must be leashed, and please do feed the humor. 

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