No matter what you call it

by Starla J. King on May 24, 2013

I spoke with God today
several times:
I love your dress!
I told her, the fully-bloomed cherry tree in the park
Your color choices are genius!
I exclaimed to her in a gallery of fresh fruit chunks
How did you ever think of that?
I asked in creeped-out wonder, jumping away from the crusty black beetle

But most of all, oh…oh how I love what you’ve done with this place
I whispered in awe as I caught a glimpse of my heart’s layout on the page.

cala_after_rainNo matter what you call it — God, creativity, inner wisdom, universal energy, higher power, the divine, your truest self, or something elsethere’s a beautiful presence that shows up through creative expression (and really, isn’t ALL expression creative, as it gives visibility to the non-visible within us?).

And engaging with that presence, in whatever way works for you, is like walking through the open door of the divine and realizing that his/her/its living room is, indeed, your own heart.


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