Like a child

by Starla J. King on March 31, 2016

It wasn’t the first time I was told I see the world like a child does.

I was a guest on Lisa Druxman’s “Motivating Mom” podcast, and had just described ways for moms — and anyone — to bring creativity into their days by paying attention through all 6 senses (#6? Intuition.).

Upon hearing my examples involving cheerios, city sounds, and bugs, Lisa exclaimed, “I just had an aha!  Starla, you are living as a kid lives…in that sense of wonder…and so really, we need to live more like our kids, how they see the world!”

With a slightly embarrassed chuckle, I reluctantantly agreed that yes, I do indeed tend to approach life in a childlike way.

Reluctantly because in our culture of extreme busyness, where top value is placed on monetary achievement and stress (yes, we value stress. Sigh…), “childlike” can seem like a problem. But what if it isn’t? What if a “childlike” approach is actually the answer? 

What if feeling the fuzz on a fresh new Clematis vine leaf slows your heartbeat, soothes your angst?

What if picking a bloom from the neighbor’s cherry tree (shhhhh!) and giving it a tiny glass of water to swim in opens your heart to the friend who could use some extra caring?

What if stopping — literally — to listen when you hear an unfamiliar birdsong trains you to notice the different tone in your employee’s voice, really hear their dissatisfaction, and make important improvements to your management style?

What if endlessly wondering the what, why, how questions out loud to your companions as you take walks, drives, and flights open your brain’s path to solutions, and you suddenly solve that problem that’s been vexing you for weeks?

What if adulting is enhanced exponentially when we make “childlike” our own core competency?  

Live more like our kids? Well, if I can be anything like this kid (see my great-nephew below, with his mother/my nieceling), count me in!

mother and son, precious moment

*photo by Heidi C. King

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Rebecca Cohen March 31, 2016 at 12:17 pm

Oh Starla! So beautifully said.

We are so in sync. I was just thinking the same thing. To reflect on what ourselves as children once knew – what our inner child still knows – and bring that into our every day lives.


Starla J. King March 31, 2016 at 1:12 pm

YES, what we knew as kids and still know is such an untapped source of wisdom and inspiration! I love that we continue to be so in sync, RPC. 🙂


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