Leave some space

by Starla J. King on January 19, 2011

It’s in our nature to squeeze something into every nook and cranny of time. 

Finish a meeting 10 minutes early, and you have time to quick answer some emails or edit a document or return a phone call or add something else to that @#$*$%@! To Do list.  Motor through it all, nose to grindstone, can’t let up or you’ll get (even more) behind, so work work work work work. WORK!

How did we get to the point that it’s almost cool to be overworked and overbusy?  (rhetorical question).

I think it’s time to start a Leave Some Space movement. 

Take those 10 minutes and refuse to fill them with work.  Fill them with space.  Space to play, to breathe, to regroup, to (here’s a novel idea) blink away from the computer screen.

Think about it.  In those 10 minutes we could:

Play with the cat (e.g., toss toy mice, go get them yourself, toss them again, all while said feline watches)

Read a few Rumi poems.  Or Rilke.  Or Mary Oliver.  Or Hafiz.  Or Starla J. King. 🙂

Get outside.  Who cares if the wind’s fixin’ to blow you away and you can’t feel your face from the bone-numbing cold.  You’re ALIVE, refreshed, invigorated!  

Grab your camera and spend the entire 10 minutes finding the most exquisitely unusual photo subject possible.  Then spend 10 more minutes downloading the pic and uploading it to Facebook.  Just because.

– Put on your favorite song and CRANK IT so you feel every note all the way into each blood cell.  Then listen. And feel. And nothing else.

Fix a fresh cup o’ tea or coffee and just sit with it.  Breathe it in, sip it, savor it.

So… 10 minutes of “space” to mellow you out (or energize you), or 10 minutes of jam-packed frenetic stressing?  You get to choose.

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Mir January 20, 2011 at 6:40 am


Yes, yes, yes.


Starla J. King January 20, 2011 at 10:04 am

Mir, ditto, my dear space-lover and space-creator.


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