Keep Showing Up

by Starla J. King on July 20, 2012

Inspiration — that holy grail of a creative life — is a glorious thing.

It’s the way a poem pours out so easily that re-reading it the next day you barely recognize your own writing.

It’s the way the light at dusk pierces your heart with gentle intensity and brings forth tears.

It’s the sudden idea that changes the way you work, or play, or love.

It’s the whisper of the muse coming out through fingers on the keyboard, paints on the canvas, movement on stage, (un)spoken prayers to the Powers That Be.

Yes, inspiration is glorious indeed, but good heavens, it sure can be elusive, inconsistent, fleeting… a delightful (and frustrating) child playing hide and seek with your emotions, your heart, your soul.

By its very nature, inspiration has a mind of its own … but that doesn’t mean we can’t get closer to it or entice it to show up more often.

It’s like bonding with a wild kitten (let’s name her Prana).   You show up, every day, at the same place (her habitat), same time (her roaming time), with the same intention (to get close to her).

She starts to get used to your presence, starts to trust you, and one day as you sit there quietly, you feel a tentative little kitty paw stepping on your knee.  Eventually little Prana gets used to you showing up and comes to greet you.

And then one day you arrive at your regular meeting spot, at your regular meeting time, with your regular intention of bonding with her, and she’s already there... waiting for you.

That’s how inspiration works.  You keep showing up (for your writing, for your photography, your painting, your meditation, your music, your life …), consistently, regularly, and intentionally… and inspiration will find you.

Keep showing up.  Keep. Showing. Up.

One of the things we work on in Creativity Coaching and Writing Coaching is finding and practicing your specific ways of Showing Up.  If you’re ready to Show Up, contact me to set up a no-charge sample 30-minute coaching session and we will get started right away!

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