Just One Step

by Starla J. King on March 18, 2016

It was the last morning of our Mexico vacation.  With our sandy feet propped up on lounge chairs, we sipped our coffee and sleepily watched a whisper of sunrise flirt with the horizon. It was lovely, although admittedly not as gorgeous as I had expected from the tropics.

sunrise blockedAnd then…

“OHMYGOD LOOK!  Look, look, look!!!” my wife yelled, springing to her feet while motioning frantically, “COME HERE!!!”

Jolted awake, I abandoned my coffee and dashed over to her.

There, visible from just one step to the side of where we had been sitting, was the sun in all its heavenly red-orange glory, no longer hidden by the sweet little hut at the end of the dock that had been — unbeknownst to us — blocking our view of the morning show’s most stunning part.


Sometimes one step makes all the difference.

sunrise, cancun

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