It’s still up to YOU

by Starla J. King on July 13, 2011

Facebook Friend Request from a client:  accept, reject, or ignore??


On the surface, it’s a very simple question: Well, do you want to be connected to that person?  If so, accept.  If not, don’t accept.  End of story.

Yeah, if only.

Because it turns out what you’d share with friends might be different than you’d share with clients. 

And you don’t want to stop posting personal-ish stuff because that’s how you keep up with friends & family.  

But you don’t want to seem un-interested in connecting with your client. 

But what you’d share with your clients privately might be different than what you’d share with your clients publicly.

Oh dear, it is complicated, isn’t it??

One solution?  Create a separate page for your company (like mine here).  Unless you don’t own a company.  Or it makes your head hurt (more) just thinking about maintaining yet another social media something-or-another. 

So let’s look at another solution:  the “It’s still up to you” solution.  Let me explain…

Facebook is about relationships (loosely defined in some cases, yes, but relationships nonetheless), so you can actually apply your standard relationship tactics:

Does your job require client confidentiality and a tight boundary between your personal/professional life?   Respond to the friend request by telling them just that (many people will allow you to send them a private Facebook message even if you are NOT their Facebook friend).  

Does your job allow a little more flexibility on those personal/business boundaries?  Get all crazy with your bad self and ACCEPT that friend request!   

Are you hoping to use Facebook as a business marketing tool?  Consider accepting more friend requests.  Or reallllly consider setting up a company page (I know, I know… sorry, but there IS value there).

Bottom line here?  How you use Facebook is still up to you.

Look at your business needs, your personal needs, your relationship needs, and your comfort levels… then do what seems wise for you and your business. 

Unless it’s a friend request from me.  Then you want to accept it.  Definitely.

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