It doesn’t take much

by Starla J. King on April 27, 2012

Sometimes less is more… and simple is intricate… especially with words.

Cue poetry.

It doesn’t take much

Welcome back
I touched her shoulder
Surprised by her easy hug
As if we’d known each other for years

I’m on the phone with Verizon
She whispered
One person sends me to another
And another
Why do they do that she asks

Look at me, I’m just back
From vacation and already
Stressed out she fusses
Ughh I empathize
With another light touch
My eyes twinkling as I offer
May I get you coffee
Or a scone? The scones here are great.

So I hear she says
And I chuckle
She owns this place.
She makes the scones.
And it’s her coffee I greet most mornings with.

It doesn’t take much
To make life

Self Portrait (can you find me?) at One Shot Coffee in Phila PA

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tina April 27, 2012 at 7:10 pm



Starla J. King April 28, 2012 at 9:15 am

HA! I LOVE that you LOVE this, Tina! This one came easily… inspired, I think, by reading so many of Samantha’s poems (Bentlily).


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