Have you thanked them?

by Starla J. King on October 6, 2011

“Because of you, I am able to have my dream job and dream life … free to roam yet still connected to people, information, inspiration at all times.”

I originally posted those words on the OutWrite Living Facebook Page as homage to Steve Jobs… then I started thinking about everyone else who has been part of my journey and the incredible value of each and every person along the way.

Today (and following), let’s honor Steve Jobs — whether you’re a Mac person or not (gasp!) — by thanking those in our lives who have influenced us, fueled our fires, sparked our own creative genius, given us tools to live differently, deeper, with more daring.

Following are quotes I pulled from Facebook this morning, all phrases describing Steve Jobs’ impact.  And all phrases describing other people we know and love.  I bet, if you take just a moment, you can think of at least one person you know personally and/or professionally, who fits each one of these descriptions:

“Vision and guts”


“Touch, contribute, and innovate our lives”

“Changed the world”

“A yardstick of quality”

“Changed the way each of us sees the world” (President Obama)

“Made a bridge to a whole new universe”

“Creating so much wonder for us”

“Your drive, creativity and innovation were an inspiration for so many and changed our world in ways that no one could have imagined!”

“Positive genius”

Now go… thank those people… email, phone call, text, Facebook post, blog post, whatever works for you.  But THANK THEM — directly, from the heart, with specifics.

Because if we look closely, we will see there is the spirit of Steve Jobs in each of us.  Honor it.  Acknowledge it. Celebrate it.  LIVE IT!

There is no reason not to follow your heart — Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

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