(Find Your) Creative Genius at Play

by Starla J. King on March 15, 2012

In deep play’s altered mental state one often finds clarity, revelation, acceptance of self, and other life-affirming feelings. ~ Diane Ackerman, Deep Play

It doesn’t have to be a big serious production, this creativity thing.

Sometimes the most simple and playful creative activity is what provides the greatest healing, inspiration, and internal re-charge.

I needed that.  I needed a before-hours and after-hours creative activity that wasn’t writing and didn’t require brain work… yet still would get me into that zone of what Diane Ackerman calls “deep play.”

That zone where

“With innocent surprise, one regards life’s spectacles and underpinnings.  All one feels is affectionate curiosity for the whole bustling enterprise of creation.  It doesn’t matter what prompts the feeling … When it happens we experience a sense of revelation and gratitude.  Nothing need be thought or said.  There is a way of beholding that is a form of prayer.” ~Diane Ackerman

I’ve recently discovered a delightful avenue of deep play in mandala coloring.  I just finished this one (from Onedalas.com):

"I Am Abundant" (mandala design by Onedalas.com)

You know how kids can get so caught up in coloring?  Yeah, adults can do that too.  And we get to do it with crayons, colored pencils, paints, or those slightly expensive and completely amazing artist pens by Staedtler (*swoon*).

And these particular mandalas?  They’re created from empowering words (abundance, love, prosperity, creativity, etc), infused energetically with the essence of each word by their intuitive designer (Michelle Radomski) as she creates each mandala design.  (and no, Michelle didn’t ask me to say this… she doesn’t even know I’m writing this post!)

Mandala, by the way, loosely translated from Sanskrit, means “sacred circle.”  They have all sorts of ritual, spiritual — and therefore creative –significance, but here’s I really love about coloring mandalas:  it doesn’t matter what you believe about energy or spirituality or creativity or anything, really. No matter what you believe, or how artistic you are or think you are(n’t), the act of coloring these sacred designs gives us all equal access to that “chill out” zone where the ugh of life melts away.

I could go on about how mandalas are an amazing tool for creative self-discovery, and meditation, and stress-release during a workday, and mindfulness, and color experimentation, and and AND… but let’s keep it simple and stop here:

Mandala coloring: the grown-up’s path to deep play (and a damn fine excuse to buy some seriously sweeeet art supplies).

Try it today over at Onedalas.com. And I would LOVE to see your results (photos anyone? Post ’em on OutWrite Living’s Facebook page).  And hear your thoughts, now or later in a comment below.

Want more? This is just one of a myriad of tools we can explore together through 1-1 Creativity Coaching.

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