Feed Your Muse

by Starla J. King on December 7, 2011

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth.
There is no happiness like mine.
I have been eating poetry.

– Mark Strand, poet

Some days my reading appetite is so voracious that I truly wouldn’t be surprised to see ink running from the corners of my mouth.  I’d just grab a handful of napkins and keep reading.  And reading.  And reading. And reading.  Barely stopping to breathe.

word banquet by Starla J KingOn those days, my mouth literally waters as my tongue begs for the feel of each letter, alternately savoring and devouring, one bite languishing like memorizing a decadent creme brule and the next reaching out unbridled, like tearing a hunk of meat off a leg of lamb (think raucous medieval lords around a banquet table).

But it’s not always like that.  There are plenty of days when reading is a merely a whisper of happiness, a slight nibble of chocolate after a fully satisfying meal.  Days when words are simply extra mind decorations in an already well-furnished inner space, and the green leafy vegetables of a beautifully-balanced intellectual diet.

It makes sense, this ebb and flow of alphabetical appetite, if we allow ourselves to consider the source as an actual energetic force within us — a force that although intelligent and wise beyond human understanding is nevertheless dependent on our human bodies as its vehicle of expression.

It’s this source that I call the muse that inner knowing, inspiration and universal wisdom that is the original and originating source of all creativity.

And on those days when my reading appetite is insatiable and the ink runs from the corners of my mouth… those are the days my muse is begging for nourishment … for my help to replenish the storehouse of newness that slowly empties as each new idea becomes standard, integrated into everyday life and thought.

Yesterday in a call with my biz/life coach (Nancy Duncan), we talked about the importance of indulging that appetite.  Until then, I think I had felt rather guilty about pouring hours of time bellying up to a word buffet, but that shifted yesterday (did I mention coaching is POWERFUL?).

You see, yesterday I realized that although at times the intensity of that (seeming) insatiability is almost more than I can handle, I still get to welcome the arrival of that inner burn with open arms (and books) … because that inner almost-demanding appetite signals to me that I am ready to learn, to grow, and to step to the next level of inspiration, creativity, and profound understanding.

Have you ever felt your muse’s voracious appetite?  Felt the deep hunger for learning, or action, or something else that is really not about food?

What if you gave your muse what she wanted?  How might that change your [fill in blank]??

Oh, and here… here’s a napkin… there’s a bit of ink on the corner of your mouth…
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