Face-to-Face – Peggy Dyer

by Starla J. King on August 16, 2010


How often do we take the time to notice the beauty in a face? 

I’m not talking about the perfect American model idea of beauty.  I’m talking about REAL:  

  • The bold scar cutting through a friend’s eyebrow.
  • The overlapping front tooth in a stranger’s warm smile.
  • The light fan of wrinkles at the corner of your partner’s eye.
  • The (in)visible sparkle lighting the eyes of lovers, friends, anyone feeling connected.  

It’s Peggy Dyer’s fantastic photography project, One Million Faces, that has me noticing faces.  Why does it matter?  Because if we notice the faces, we just might notice the people that go along with those faces.   A quick connection.  Sometimes one-sided, sometimes a quick smile exchanged.  A taste of beauty in a regular day.

I love how Peggy describes her project:  

“I created the One Million Faces Project to paint a portrait of America.

I want to inspire a sense of connection, and community, and spread hope, love and peace all along the way.

I believe that if I can inspire people to create, to laugh that more light will shine.

Let’s change the world, one face at a time.”
Today, let’s consider changing our world, by noticing one face, one person at a time.  Get started by watching Peggy’s slideshows [click here]!
(Note:  if you want an even bigger part in making a difference, One Million Faces accepts donations online — click here .  And no, I am not affiliated with this project or anything like that… I simply love and believe in what Peggy is doing.  Period.)

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