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by Starla J. King on September 29, 2011

Sister: What is the most important thing you have learned in the past year?

Me: Wow! Thank you for narrowing it down [sigh]. I’ve learned so many things this past year! Most of it would fall into this category: I can express myself. Now, I can expand on that, or I can leave it as is for more impact.

Sister: Oh, I understand your dilemma. Do whatever you feel like. But please expand.

15 years ago, my sister interviewed me for the “Pick of the Litter” feature in our family newsletter, “The Drive Threw” (why that name? who knows. but you’ve gotta admit it’s catchy. intriguing. deliciously off center). 15 years ago, as I was beginning to experience the transformative powers of self-expression.

The interview continues:

Me: By realizing it’s okay to express myself — both positive and negative — within reason, and learning to actually feel confident with that, I am experiencing life more fully than I ever thought I could.  That is just an incredible concept. Experiencing life fully really means that you embrace everything.  So if you’re having a bad day, you embrace it because it’s a different thing and you get to experience something new.  And if you’re having a good day, you can treat yourself or go sing ‘The Hills are Alive” on a mountain somewhere.”

That’s the thing about self-expression:  it’s not just a fun little surface-level exercise;  it’s the spark that lights our inner fire of life.

And when we’re “all lit up,” our fear burns away to reveal courage.   Courage that opens the door for creativity.  Creativity that opens the door for sharing that original spark. The spark that ignites someone else’s inner fire of life, lights them up, burns away their fear to reveal their courage…that opens the door for creativity… that opens…  you get the picture.

It’s the “Butterfly Effect,” the flip side of the “If you give a mouse a cookie” scenario, a spontaneous “pay it forward” movement… all because you gave your inside voice permission to come out and play.

Authentic self-expression opens doors — to yourself, to others, to opportunities and adventures so far beyond what we can imagine or dream of.

Go on…try it.  Bet you’ll like it.

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