Does KIND belong in business?

by Starla J. King on October 13, 2010

I believe the most powerful person in the room is the one who can see all perspectives as possibilities rather than threats – the person who acts first to be kind rather than to be right.  Which person are you??
Lorin Beller Blake, Founder & CEO of Big Fish Nation

I love this quote!   Enough that I pilfered it from Lorin’s blog post this week  — thanks,Lorin! 🙂 .

I’ve heard this concept before, about the merits of acting first to be kind rather than to be right, but in her post (“What matters more to your business – being kind or being right?“), Lorin is talking about this in a BUSINESS context.   Unusual.  Different.  FANTASTIC!

“Kind” doesn’t usually get the same caliber of invitation to the business world as it does to the rest of our lives, does it?  Somehow, as Lorin says, being kind can be seen in business as being weak or ineffective — so being RIGHT is what’s applauded instead.

But here’s the thing with kindness.  It allows us to hear instead of insisting on speaking.  It allows us to connect rather than to shut others out.  And it creates a space for collaboration and curiosity.  Aren’t all of those things that are absolutely essential to client relationships?  And co-worker relationships?  And our relationship with OURSELVES at work?

I think there’s a notion out there in our work lives that being right is the same as showing our competence.  But think about it — when we insist on being right, don’t we actually make the exact opposite impression? 

As Lorin says, it DOES take courage to seek first to be kind rather than to be right.  It requires us to have faith in the value of relationships in our business lives, and requires us to have trust in those we work with and for.  Yikes! 

Yep, I want to be the person who seeks first to be kind than to be right.  Join me???

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Kristen October 19, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Love your take on this Starla. You are right about how kindness is perceived in business. Maybe we need to start a revolution!


Starla J. King October 25, 2010 at 5:40 pm

Kristen,we totally need to start a revolution. Wait, I think we just DID!


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