Diversify Your Portfolio (or How to Avoid Existential Panic)

by Starla J. King on March 27, 2012

I’m a writer.  So I write. A lot.

ok, your turn, fill in the blanks:

I’m a ________.  So I __________.  A lot.

I write in the morning.  I write in the afternoon.  I write in the evening.

I write for clients. I write for my business.  I write for me.

I write for clarity.  I write for connection.  I write for teaching. I write for inspiration. I write for therapy.  I write for fun. I write for serious.

And some times I just can’t bring myself to squeak out one more written word.

When it first happened, I “chicken littled” (aka freaked out).  Quietly and internally, but I did it just the same:  Good God, I’ve used up all my words! I’m toast!  I’ll never be able to write again! I’ve been abandoned by my greatest love!  I suck! My career is OVER!

Welcome to a minor little situation I call Existential Panic. The moment you turn to your deepest creative love  to refill your deepest creative love and realize… omg… you can’t fill nothing with nothing.  <curse words>

It’s time to diversify your portfolio.

You’re a writer? Grab your camera and take pictures til your eyes bleed.  Your words will find you there.

You’re a photographer? Grab a pen and notebook and write words til your fingers cramp up.  Your mental images will find you there.

You’re a painter? Go play on iTunes —  get all crazy and follow those “We Recommend” prompts for new music. Your color flows will find you there.

You’re a singer/songwriter? Go for a “pay attention to EVERYthing” walk outside until your feet cry.  Your songs will find you there.

You’re a self-identified non-creative? Bullsh*t.  (omg, I almost swore in print).  There’s creativity in every single one of us, and it comes out when we do something different, use different tools, and step outside our regular stuff:

  • Color a mandala and choose the colors willy-nilly.
  • Bake cookies and add sprinkles like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Go on a carriage ride.
  • Pour your coffee like a barrista and create your own latte art (hint: the secret is in the back-and-forth movement).
  • Take my Court Your Muse eCourse.
  • Journal without punctuation.  Or lines.  Or words. (oooh, I’ll have to try that one!)

Creativity loves variety, so diversify your portfolio, and you’ll diversify your life.

What’s in YOUR portfolio???

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tina March 28, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Love this Starla! I can feel the energy pulsing off the page!


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