Creativity Coaching

Life is Art. | Art is Life.

And creativity feeds it all.

Creativity coaching helps you tap into and apply that creative power where you need (and want) it most.

For example:

  • Harnessing your creative flow for more efficient and effective production
  • Reducing stress by having ready access your personal core of stillness, rejuvenation, purpose and play
  • Learning your ideal balance between structure and spontaneity
  • Discovering, owning, and expressing your own unique “voice” in your work and life
  • Expanding your everyday creativity practices to experience a richer, more meaningful, magical life

Who is creativity coaching for?

Anyone who is genuinely interested in more deeply accessing their creative energy.   Typically, that ends up being anyone in the following 3 groups:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists (of any variety and medium)
  • Seekers

How does creativity coaching work?

My role as creativity coach is to ask you the powerful questions and offer the practical exercises that give you ways to directly (and indirectly) experience and grow your own creative energy…and to provide you a means of accountability for your work.

Typical focus areas:

  • Recognizing your own creative energy
  • Learning your specific creative blocks… and how to work with and around them
  • Setting and working with creative goals
  • Refining (or rebuilding) your work habits to more easily access your creative energy
  • Managing your time in a way that both honors your creative energy and keeps you moving forward
  • Addressing disempowering beliefs
  • Building self-compassion
  • Building creative courage
  • Finding meaning
  • Gathering reference resources for your creative work and play
  • etc.

Your role as coachee is to commit to the process, stay open to the exploration, and do the work.  It’s a powerful equation!!!

Please note that creativity coaching has a different focus than standard (if there is such a thing) life coaching.  While our creativity coaching conversations will undoubtedly touch on “the stuff of life,” it will be within the context of how your “life stuff” impacts your creative energy/creative progress and vice versa.  The primary focus remains on your CREATIVITY.

My approach

My approach (and my life) is based on the following 5 Beliefs:

  1. We are all creative beings.
  2. We all have an internal source of higher energy, inspiration, and wisdom — known as creativity.
  3. Our best work happens when we engage our heart, soul, and mind (and listen to our bodies).
  4. Inspiration loves and needs practicality.
  5. The most direct route to opening up creative expression is a peaceful path.

I work from an appreciative and self-compassionate perspective, and will encourage you to do the same.

I believe that your beauty, your shadows, your talents, your perceived shortcomings, your needs – everything and anything that you are is part of your creative power and perfection.

I believe that the secret to accessing our creative energy is not in the adding of pressure and demand for performance and production, it is in the taking away of things that block our creative energy’s path.  My work, then, focuses on strengthening the gentle, nimble, and practical parts of ourselves to enhance our creative flow.

Ways for Us to Work Together

Note: 1-1 coaching sessions are 45 minutes long, live by telephone.

“Get Creating” 1-time Session: $130

This option is most effective if you are looking for a quick dose of “unblocking” energy and ideas to apply to a specific project.  We will:

  • Explore your approach to creating
  • Explore Best Practices for accessing your creative energy and working around your creative blocks
  • Set up a “homework” assignment to get you moving forward right away

“Keep Creating” (package): $260/month, 3-month commitment

This package includes 2 phone coaching sessions per month (45-minutes each) plus email support between calls.

This option is helpful for working on a longer-term specific project, ongoing creative work enhancement, and/or a deeper exploration and practice of bringing your creative energy and spirit to the forefront of your life.  The 3-month commitment is a way for you to show your dedication to your own creative work.

Session topics depend greatly on your “creativity agenda” — your reasons for stepping into an ongoing creativity coaching relationship.   The overall goal of ongoing creativity coaching is a deeper and broader exploration of your creative potential and how you express that in your life and work.

  • Explore your approach to creating to better understand your strengths and needs
  • Explore and try Best Practices for accessing your creative energy and working around your creative blocks
  • Explore how you make meaning in your life and work
  • Explore the unique challenges and possibilities you face in your creative work and life
  • Set specific creativity goals and create plan(s) for reaching those goals
  • Add accountability (email report-outs, progress checks, etc.)
  • …and other creativity-specific agenda items you’d like to address

Let’s Get Started!

A phone conversation is a great way to get a taste of working with me, so email me or send a quick message through my contact page to set up a time for us to talk and “test the waters”!

Your creativity awaits…