Can we fall in love with Facebook again?

by Starla J. King on March 6, 2012

Facebook and I are going through a rough patch. So I apologize if I get a bit snippy here. Rocky relationship times will do that to a person.

I want to love her, I really do.

I mean, look at all she gave me, asking in return only the ongoing tolerance of a constantly shifting landscape and her ongoing attempts to sell me Jillian Michaels’ latest cookbook when I mention homemade snickers bars in my status updates. (Oh hush. I work out 6 days a week.)

She (Facebook… unfortunately not Jillian Michaels. sigh) gave me a much-needed playground to connect with folks during my often solitary workdays. And before work. And after work. And inbetween each sentence during a writing assignment.

I have made true friends from strangers through her. Literally. Yes.

I have stumbled across my perfect clients through her. And built much of a viable creative business through her networking prowess — without really even trying to.

I have used “lonely” in my sentences much less often since I met her.

For all of those things I suppose I do love her, and likely always will...but good lands, she is really starting to annoy me.

I miss the days when she and I could hang out together without being bombarded by the high-energy enthusiasm of yet another person who has created yet another amazing [insert ridiculously creative and impactful offering here].

I *know* you’re excited about your latest work — what a beautiful thing!  I applaud you, really I do — but EVERYONE is now “so excited” about what they’re about to launch, what they just launched, or what they’re starting to countdown to begin to consider to launch.

I have excitement fatigue. And I’m easily and highly excitable (at times. unless I’m in extreme introvert mode, when my excitable is usually hidden in an introspective “don’t make me exude ANYthing” mode), so that says something.

I do want to feel the personal side of you. And I do want to share in the joy of your accomplishments. But even when “Martha Beck” (or perhaps her ghost writer? because this doesn’t sound like the Martha Beck I know and am addicted to?) says “Hey guys, I’m so excited about my [video, speech, etc] — Check it out!” I run the other direction. FAST. Yes, this hasty retreat coming from a person whose “gotta meet” dream list includes Martha Beck.

I think we’ve confused authentic with excited in the world of social media marketing.

Thinking that starting a sentence with “I’m excited about my new [product/offering/website/etc]” still makes an immediate connection with our readers. I believe it used to — back before Facebooking became a verb and a way of life — but I, for one, long for something more.

I want to know how your offering will touch me.

I want to know how your product will help me serve my clients more fully … and easily … and profoundly.

I want to know that your inspiration for this work came from deep inside you somewhere and that you feel so genuinely honored to be able to share it that you might actually feel a hint of awe at being the conduit for this creation.

Bottom line? I’m longing for something deeper than most of the “I’m excited”s I run into on Facebook promotions. Because I’m not sure quite where I fit into your excitement. And I’m not sure how your “I’m excited ” is different from the 4,993 other “I’m excited”s clamoring for my attention when I open Facebook (and these days just as quickly slam that door before the stampede runs me over).

But your energy of inspiration? Your heart-felt belief in the value of your services? Your gentle offering of support / help / collaboration through this new thing you’ve come up with? I bet I’ll feel that. I bet I’ll pay attention to that. I bet I won’t slam the Facebook door on that.

So how do we get all that across in just a few words? Ah…therein lies the challenge, doesn’t it?

As my coach (Nancy Duncan) said one July day in 2009 (and I still have that email posted on my wall), about “how to simply, with a few words, create impact on the reader that has them thinking into their lives – and this precious moment, in a new profound take my breath away way?”

“Leaving that up to you.”

Or, in my world of hope, leaving that up to US. To each one of us who has a deeper message to share (you know who you are).

Leaving that up to us to not let Facebook be just a surface-level tool of brilliant people who all kinda “sound” alike when it’s time to launch a new product / service / website / etc.

I want to experience your art, the work of your heart and soul. I really, truly, do. And there’s a good chance I’ll buy it. And so will that other person… along with his brother and colleague and coach and aunt and 1,238 Facebook friends.

But first I need something more than “I’m excited.”

Leaving that up to you.  To US.


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Martine Brennan March 6, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Thank you for making me see ‘I’m excited’ in a different way Starla.
How about these?
inspire; upset accelerate, agitate, amaze, anger, animate, annoy, arouse, astound, awaken, bother, chafe, delight, discompose, disturb, electrify, elicit, energize, evoke, feed the fire, fire, fluster, foment, galvanize, goad, incite, induce, inflame, infuriate, instigate, intensify, irritate, jar, jolt, kindle, madden, mock, move, offend, precipitate, provoke, quicken, rouse, start, stimulate, stir up, taunt, tease, thrill, titillate, touch off, vex, wake up, waken, warm, whet, work up, worry
Nope! I didn’t think so…


Starla J. King March 6, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Martine, maybe “foment” — hahaha!


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