Bright Faith

by Starla J. King on February 9, 2011

I didn’t realize there was a name for it.

That moment when all the knots untie instantaneously and the dangling strings become the beginning of possibility instead of the end of our rope.

Thanks to Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth and her most recent blog post, I now know it’s called bright faith.  

“This is a state of love-filled delight in possibilities and eager joy at the prospect of actualizing them. Bright faith goes beyond merely claiming that possibility for oneself to immersing oneself in it. With bright faith, we are lifted out of our normal sense of insignificance, thrilled as we no longer feel lost and alone. The enthusiasm, energy, and courage we need in order to leave the safe path, to stop aligning ourselves with the familiar and convenient, arise with bright faith.” – Sharon Salzberg, Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience

THAT is why I’m an entrepreneur — to have the chance to be so completely INTO my work that these bright faith moments show up more and more often and inform the work I do. 

So I can take those moments of bright faith and create ways to pass even a sampling of that experience on to my clients, no matter what our work together may be. 

Those moments of bright faith happen when we jump headfirst into our passions — immersing ourselves, even if only for a few minutes, completely into the experience.   Those things that ROCK OUR WORLD.   That make our cells buzz with possibility.  That blast our doubts to bits.

So what is that thing for you, that thing that ROCKS YOUR WORLD? 

If you don’t know, just keep looking, waiting, BELIEVING (the “faith” part) and it will show up.  With fanfare and confetti.  Because that’s how bright faith works.

Open the door of possibility … bright faith awaits.

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