Braver on the Page

by Starla J. King on July 3, 2013

It was a light bulb moment for me when I recently read or heard someone mention something about being braver on the page. (Btw, if you ever share that sentence as an example of some writer’s sorry excuse for crediting a source, I will fervently deny I wrote it).

Braver on the page. 

Ah! So that’s why I:

  • Confidently publish a heart-felt, take-a-solid-stand post then spend the next two (or 10) days hiding from the world
  • Clearly describe my highest writing and coaching vision(s) on the page, then get tongue-tied when I look you in the eye and try to say things like “to counterbalance marginalization” and “help find their truest voice for healing and empowerment” and “conscious living through writing”
  • Easily write about spirituality, the divine, universal wisdom, and higher consciousness, then hold back those terms in spoken conversation because “what will they think??”
  • Still take my most daunting fears and hurts to the page, even if I’ve already talked with someone about them

And that’s why I encourage others to write — because so often we ARE braver on the page.

That question you don’t dare ask someone else b/c you’re afraid of the answer?  Take it to the page:

Write it on the page in one color pen, then
With a different color pen, write the answer that comes to you, quickly, without much thought.
Write a follow-up question, then the next answer that comes to you.
Repeat until your flow of Q’s&A’s fades off.
You might be surprised at what you discover through your bravery on the page.

That thing you really really want to do, but are afraid to say it out loud?  Take it to the page:

Write down “I really want to ________________” and fill in the blank, quickly, without much thought.
Repeat again.
Repeat until you’ve wrung all those wonderful “I really want to”s onto the page.
That bravery just might give you the real-life courage to turn the wants into To Dos into To Dones.

 That [fill in the blank] that you’re afraid to [fill in the blank]?  Take it to the page. 

Take those shaky knees and nervous heart and holding-onto-intellectual-reasoning-for-dear-life mind and …

… take it to the page. 

ps. coffee helps too:

writing at the coffee shop

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