All in good time

by Starla J. King on September 16, 2011

“Time management systems are tricky beasts.  They may help us be more productive, but not necessarily less stressed, or more fulfilled, or even more in touch with our true nature. ” — Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth”

It’s time to turn our time management processes upside down.

Or, as Danielle suggests in her brilliant (as always) blog post this week, shove those puppies out the door, find our internal tango, and let our natural rhythms produce our heart’s work.

Can I hear an AMEN!??!

I also see you shivering nervously.  Me too.  What? Let go of that rigid structure that keeps you from derailing??  Look someone (yourself, in particular!) in the eye and say “sorry, that’s not part of my life’s purpose today”?!?  Follow joy instead of the clock??

Well, actually… yes. YES!

Imagine the freedom of riding your own energy waves.

Get up just before dawn so sunrise can hold your hand and wake your heart along with the earth we are comprised of.

Do your most purpose-filled work at the times your natural energy is strongest.

Notice the ebb and flow of your heart and honor the gift of inspiration by opening the gate of time and letting your art roam free.

I write this at 6:38 am., the sun slowly rising, gently, oh so beautifully filling the sky with golden light as the page fills with words.  Sleep still has its little arms wrapped around me, nuzzling into the soft crook of my neck, and I smile with the delight of writing a blog post in the quiet before my mind wakes up to break this sacred writing space with doubts and harsh judgments.

Yesterday, pushing against a deadline … a full day of struggle resulting in no writing.  Zip. Zero. None.

Today, no expectation beyond honoring the flow of the morning... a blog post written easily in 15 minutes.

I choose nature’s timeframe. How about you??

p.s.  For a taste of nature’s natural rhythms, I highly recommend this visual pilgrimage from The Siddha Yoga Foundation.  Click here for slide show, or here for the full (and brief) virtual pilgrimage (start with “A Message from Gurumayi”).

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Lorin September 17, 2011 at 12:34 am

Starla, your post reminds me of the importance of listening to the rhythm of our own dance. And knowing the difference between stretching and forcing in service of best self…. thank you for your amazingly powerful words.


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