About Starla

My inner wrist tattoo: commitment to always writing from the heart

“‘She did not want her writing to be put under glass like orchids made of silk but instead hoped it would be read irreverently, spoken not only by professional custodians of high culture, but breathed deeply into the messiness of life that no one can avoid.” (~ Ulrich Baer, about Rainer Maria Rilke’s work)

“Her true compassion… always extended to those for whom the world had ceased to provide a new experience.” (~ Ulrich Baer)

I am a certified creativity coach and writing coach, a writer, editor, and published author, and a human being with a lifetime of experience with the written word and living and working creatively.

I hold a deep belief in the power of creativity to change our self-experience in a way that gives us greater access to our own talents, inner wisdom, spirituality, success and joy.  My work builds on that by helping others identify and express their unique “voice” in a way that connects meaningfully with those who need to hear that message (including themselves!). Plus, I help people just write already!

Read more about my guiding principles and life/work approach here.

I lived for way too many years believing that creative pursuits were somehow “lesser than,” so I founded OutWrite Living as a container for services that help promote and facilitate the use of creativity as an essential part of healthy, open, productive, and profitable living.

Written words are my primary creative medium, with photographs a close second — both of which I use to offer myself and others new experiences, new ideas, and new ways of seeing the normal and mundane as exquisite and miraculous. In fact, I’ve just written a book about this: Wide Awake. Every Day. Daily inspiration for conscious living (click here to see more about it). 

photo by Starla J King

I am also a plant lover and former garden designer / garden coach / landscaper.

I am a mentor, friend, colleague, playmate, and dream alchemist.

And my partner says I’m a mensch.

Learning is a constant fuel in my life, sparked by an insatiable curiosity.  My informal training includes a consistent creative practice, 6+ years of meditation practice and study, the gathered wisdom from clients, and ongoing reading, while my formal training includes: