42 Minutes Before Sunrise

by Starla J. King on October 13, 2015

After months of a grueling hospital stay, Shin Terayama* was sent home to live his last days in hospice care there, fully aware of how serious his situation was.

He woke up the next morning before sunrise, and when he realized he had lived to see another day, gratitude washed over him. He went up to his rooftop, watched the sunrise, and let the sun’s healing energy soak in with every breath.

Morning after morning, he got up before dawn and watched the sun rise, deeply grateful for each new breath, each new day.

On one particular morning, Shin noticed that birds were singing before the sun was up, and being the scientist he was, he took the next month to methodically record the birds’ singing start times.

He discovered – get this – that the birds started singing every morning (without fail!) at 42 minutes before sunrise.

But why? Why exactly 42 minutes before sunrise?

Long story short, Shin did his scientisty thing and figured out that trees begin to photosynthesize (take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen) as soon as it starts getting light in the morning – about 42 minutes before sunrise. Mind. Blown.

He figures that, most likely, the birds start singing at that time as a way to take in more oxygen at that healthiest part of the day.

42 minutes before sunrise: the healthiest part of every day. Fresh trees, fresh air, fresh birdsong – a gentle awakening with the sun.

The Weather Channel app (ask the Google to find it for you) tells you the exact time of sunrise for each day.

And your kids or pets can help you do the “minus 42 minutes” math.

And, alarm clock.

I’ll just leave that information right there for you. [tiptoeing away]

*This Shin Terayama story is true, adapted from the book “Radical Remission” by Kelly A. Turner, PhD. 25 years later, using only diet and lifestyle changes, Shin remains cancer free.sunrise cathedral


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Sally A. Peckham November 2, 2015 at 11:51 pm

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


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